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About Us

A-Z Marine Parts is a key player in the maritime industry, partnering with leading marine magnetron and electronic component makers E2V and NJRC. We represent Sperry Marine and serve as a sales and service partner for Danelec Marine AS. Collaborating with notable manufacturers like Cobham, Raytheon Anschutz, and Tokyo Keiki, we’ve supplied and serviced radio and navigation equipment for over a decade. Our experienced team prioritizes safety and satisfaction in maritime equipment repair and maintenance, offering prompt solutions and customer-focused service.



Choose A-Z Marine Parts for seamless installation services that ensure optimal performance of your marine equipment. Our expert technicians bring precision and expertise to flawlessly integrate top-quality equipment from industry leaders like E2V, NJRC, Sperry Marine, and more…

Service and maintenance

Ensure your marine equipment’s lasting performance with A-Z Marine Parts’ premier Service and Maintenance solutions. Our expert technicians provide routine check-ups, swift repairs, and reliable support for seamless maritime operations…

Annual Performance Test for VDR 

Introducing the Service Performance Test (SPT), a pivotal aspect of our dedication. In line with these commitments, we have unveiled our latest VDR Annual Performance Test (APT). It guarantees that the VDR is in optimal working condition post-service…